The Two Witnesses Are Dead?

Probably Alexandra
Published on 14 Nov 2020 / In Spirituality & Faith

An unconventional theory about the metaphorical death of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11. I'm not saying this is the correct/only interpretation, I just want to bring up some interesting events.

I do not wish to offend anyone. Please be mindful if you choose to share this video, as this is a sensitive topic.

Possible triggers include: mention of monarch programming and SRA.

Olive Trees Bible Study:
Jeremiah 11:10-11; 16-17 The house of Israel (10 tribes of the northern kingdom) and the house of Judah (southern kingdom of Judah)
The olive tree represents the 12 tribes of Israel which has two branches: the house of Israel (Jacob) and the house of Judah.
But because of unbelief (Romans 11:23) the branch of the house of Israel was broken off the olive tree. (Jeremiah 11:16 & Ezekiel 4:13).
But YHWH didn’t forget Israel, He promised to bring them back to Him through Yahusha, Jesus Christ (Hosea 14:4-6) & (Romans 11:25-32). Zechariah 4:11-14 describes a vision of two olive trees and a lampstand. In Revelation 1:20, Yahusha, Jesus, explains the meaning of the lampstand or ‘candlesticks’ (depending on your Bible version).



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