The 5 Phases of Deprogramming

Probably Alexandra
Published on 14 Nov 2020 / In Spirituality & Faith

I share my opinion on the 5 phases of broad-scale deprogramming from the Luciferian Matrix.

1. Weeding the Garden
2. The Rabbit Hole
3. Oversharing
4. Watch Out
5. Watch

»»——- First-Person ‘Christian’ Religious Matrix Deprogramming Outline ——-««

[1. The Jolt]
a. Something jolted me out of the delusion and mind control of ‘churchianity’
b. Yah used the circumstances to open my eyes to the false teachings around me, ex: with megachurch leaders
[2. Foundation]
a. Now I knew the lies, but what is Truth?
b. After recognizing the lies, look to scripture to find a starting point of Truth with no churchianity interpretations
c. Begin a diligent and Spirit-led prayer routine
d. Revelation identification of Saints
i. Follows commands of the Father
ii. Testify of Messiah
e. Study the Commandments of Yah in Old Testament
[3. Black Book]
a. Learn the most popular heresies of both the present and the past
b. Study history of the “Antichrist Avatars”, such as the Catholic Church, the origins of world religions, ‘Brothermanry’, and Royal Bloodlines
c. Identify sources of 'Protestant' 'Christian' beliefs that came from J’s, Popes, Brothers, or Bloodlines, and not from scripture
d. Toss aside any doctrine that has a source apart or contrary to scriptures (ALMOST ALL OF ‘CHURCHIANITY’ DOCTRINE)
[4. Rejection]
a. Every step of the learning is fought hard by family/spouse/friends
b. Anger and bitterness from others when exposing false teachers/teachings
[5. Doubt and Discouragement]
a. Feeling alone because no one holds the same beliefs anymore
b. Feelings of depression and self doubt because of the rejection
c. Pray nightly for relief and support
[6. Discernment]
a. Receive intense spiritual attacks
b. Pray through the Spirit to combat spiritual oppressions
c. Ask for discernment and wisdom to increase
d. Pray for support that doesn't attack or deny my faith
e. Unplug from "the matrix" and Mystery Babylon

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