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Published on 14 Nov 2020 / In Spirituality & Faith

This final video of the MINDGAME series explores the use of the ‘Force’ within the mystery religions, the polarity of light and dark, and why God is not part of that system.

NOTE: This is not an entry-level video, but is for viewers who are familiar with these topics and are firmly grounded in their belief in God and Jesus, as well as the Truth of the Scriptures. If you haven’t watched parts 1 and 2, please do so before watching this one, since the information presented here puts all the previous pieces together.

Mind control is discussed at 24:00-34:00, please skip if you are or suspect you have been a victim of SRA.

The song at 51:11-25 is muted due to copyright claim - you can find the full video in the links section below.

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»»———— VIDEO LINKS ————««

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