Covid-19 Does Not Exist. Unmasking The Plandemic

Justin Malonson
Published on 14 Nov 2020 / In Health & Medical

⁣For the past eight months, I’ve been providing evidence that no one has proved the COVID virus exists. Since this Plandemic Hoax started more and more more and more Doctors have came forward to unmask the lies of Covid-19. On today's show Justin is proudly joined by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, one of the very first Doctors to step forward risking his career to tell the truth. Today's will be video recorded as Justin and Dr. Kaufman unmask the lies that have been used in an absolutely unscientific, manipulative and deceptive way to justify this manufactured coronavirus crisis, which the evidence shows is a fake pandemic. Today Dr. Kaufman will explain how COVID-19 Coronavirus Fails Koch’s Postulates and how there is very little science happening. Meanwhile, the Medical Industry relies on the PCR test which doesn’t actually isolate the virus. The founder of the PCR test Kary Mullins has admitted that you can’t use PCR “to prove infectious etiology or to diagnose an infectious disease.”

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